Metal industry services

The assortment of high-quality machinery of our company, long-term experience, and professional
and consistent team provide the following services:

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Mechanical engineering

Our mechanical engineering focus is on hydraulics, pneumatics and electromechanics. We produce machine parts, conveyor systems, mining and packaging machines.

Mechanical processing

Turning, deep hole boring, drilling, milling, manufacturing of complex welding structures. We use a variety of turning and milling machines, which enables us to provides a full service for our customers.

Cutting, rolling and bending

We cut black and stainless steel sheet metal and profiles with gas and plasma cutters, hand plasmas and saws. Our company has a sales volume of 250 tons per month in sheet metal cutting.

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Pumps and compressors

We deal with both industrial vacuum pumps and pressure pumps, as well as pump parts and shafts. You can order from us a special order pump or a whole pump station, as well as spare parts or repairs to existing industrial pumps.

Manufacture of metal structures

Our own machine park and working ability give us the opportunity to meet your needs to the highest level. We produce bridges and other large structures, also steel frameworks for buildings and we implement engineering projects.

Rebar cutting and bending

Our company produces different products for various construction companies, mostly for Estonian and Scandinavian markets. We deliver rebars, foundation elements, anchor chairs and more.

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