Mechanical engineering

Our company is engaged in manufacturing mechanical components and parts for various industries such as wood and paper industry, energy and mining companies, agricultural and industrial companies. We produce both unique single examples and small series according to the client’s drawings or wishes. If you know what you want and it is made of metal, we’ll do it! In addition to new
products, we are also engaged in the restoration of mechanical engineering equipment, be it agricultural, forestry or mining machinery.


Our company deals with hydraulic components and major hydraulic projects. We are experienced in producing hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumps, we also repair. We also have experience in construction and modernization of industrial conveyors, hydraulic and press equipment.


The use of compressed air for energy transmission or pneumatics is an important part of industrial automation. We manufacture, install and repair pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic grips, pneumatic or solenoid valves as well as other electro-pneumatic components. In order to meet the needs of customers using non-standard equipment and machines, we offer custom-made equipment. We do not sell just equipment, we offer complete solutions.


Our electromechanics department deals with equipment control systems, high and low voltage electrical shields, wiring for industrial machines and their connection to electric shields.

Robots and conveyors

We have manufactured packing machines, conveyors, elevators and lifts that have been sold through our customers all over the world. Our equipment is mostly made for companies in the packaging and machinery industry. The main customers of these products are located in Scandinavia, the Middle East, Russia, and the Americas.

Packaging and delivery

We ourselves pack our production, both small series and larger finished products. We have a
dedicated final assembly and packing department equipped with all the necessary equipment and tool kits for performing the required work.

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