Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing is an integral part of mechanical engineering. Without mechanical processing, it is not possible to provide a full service in mechanical engineering. In order to achieve a high-quality end result in mechanical engineering, we have a mechanical processing department with all the necessary tools and specialists in the field. We also offer a separate mechanical processing service which includes:

– milling
– drilling
– turning
– deep boring
– tapping (internal and external)
– gear broaching
– gear shaping

Deep boring

We are able to do deep boring for smaller and larger parts. The theoretical difference between the four “ears” can be over two meters. Watch the video!

Gear shaping

Gears are classified as conical, cylindrical, rack and displaced axles with conical gears. Our company makes gear racks and reducers for all kinds of industrial equipment. We can make internal and external cutting, pinion shafts, worm gears, splined shafts, spur, and helical teeth. If you know what you want, we’ll do it. Send us your drawings.

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