Verine OÜ - introduction

Vergine OÜ started its activities in the metal market in 2005. The main field of activity of our company is the production of various mechanical parts, mechanical constructions, crane beams and electro-mechanical parts for the metal industry.

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The total area of ​​our production facilities is over 4000 m2. All of the workshops are heated to ensure the smooth and orderly work of electronics and welding and other production processes.

We have a variety of cranes and forklifts that can be used to lift and move objects up to 20 tons. The width of the entrance and exit gates is 5.5 meters.

We have:

  • ESAB SXE-P2 4500LH gas cutting machine that allows cutting with up to 7 burners at a time; desk length 12m, cutting thickness up to 300mm. The seven-headed gas cutter allows quick and efficient cutting of small series.
  • Hypertherm MGM MS300 2500 × 1200 mm with plasma and gas cutting heads. The plasma cutting burner allows us to cut thinner materials quickly (up to 40 mm), the gas cutter allows us to cut
    materials up to 120 mm in thickness.
  • Hypertherm XPR 300, plasma cutting machine, 6 m desk, allows cutting materials up to 25mm in thickness.
  • Victor Thermal Dynamics hand-held plasma cutter for cutting thicknesses up to 35mm.
  • Bevelling machines.
  • Semi-automatic MIG/MAG welding machines.
  • Various MMA hand-held welding machines.
  • TIG welding.
  • Deep boring with a processing area of ​​3000x1200x1200 mm.
  • CNC milling drills for drilling, tapping, milling and deep boring.
  • Different manual milling and boring machines.
  • Radial- and bracket-drilling machine.
  • Different keyway milling cutters.
  • Different hydraulic presses for molding and leveling.
  • Leadwell MCV-610AP jig boring machine allows high precision milling, drilling and deep boring.
  • The Pegas 500X, a programmable oil-cooled band saw, 500 × 750, allows cutting at an angle of up to
    60 degrees.
  • Pegaso bandsaw, 250 × 315.
  • Rolling machine Durma HRB-4 NC, 30x2500mm, 4 rolls, bends up to 1200 mm in diameter.
  • Two manual rollers with three rollers for various tasks up to 2000 mm.
  • Durma AD-S 30320 rolling machine with all kinds of stamps and templates to meet even the most demanding customers. The length of the rollable material is up to 3050 mm, bending force up to 320t.
  • Schnell Prisma 12 VG CNC bending machine which can bend up to 12 mm rebars, rebar packing
  • Manual bending machine for reinforced rebars up to 40 mm.
  • Separate stainless steel and aluminum welding department with autonomous ventilation.
  • Separately located final assembly and packing department, which is also equipped with a set of equipment and tools needed to carry out the work.

Vergine Contacts

Arnold Järv

Machine building and welding engineer

International welding engineer; welding coordinator; welding and production technology; milling; turning; drilling

Eduard Dubrovski

Project Manager

Chief of the mechanical assembly department, assembly of electromechanics, pneumatics,
hydraulics; packing

Nikolai Martsenko

Engineer, project manager

Price quotes; gas and plasma cutting; rolling; bending; sawing; milling; turning; mechanics

Inessa Shagarova

Engineer, project manager

Engineer-project manager, deputy quality manager

Vera Dubrovski

Project manager

Price quotes; gas and plasma cutting; rolling; bending; sawing; milling; turning; mechanics

Anastassija Fomina


Organizational matters, general information

Igor Orehhov

Project manager

Price quotes; gas and plasma cutting; rolling; bending; sawing; milling; turning; mechanics

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